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You May Be Getting Old, But Subway Surfers Is Forever Young


Subway Surfers is one of those apps released in the early days of Android and iPhone adoption that managed to secure its place in the history of mobile gaming. It’s a solid classic, one of the quintessential titles in the “infinite runner” genre of casual games that follow in the footsteps left behind by Temple Run.

Ever since its release in 2012, its cute aesthetic and simple yet attractive 3D art direction helped it gain so much popularity that, in 2017, it became the most downloaded game across the globe. It continues to be a favorite among mobile gamers, with it spawning an animated cartoon series as well as a TikTok meme.


subway surfers game play


Subway Surfers Gameplay

But how does it play? Just like most endless runner games, Subway Surfer features a single-player experience where the player guides the titular surfer around, above, and through various obstacles littered throughout the metro rail track. Along the way, you can collect items and powerups that grant various bonuses, coins that help you unlock different characters, and letters or tokens that coincide with an ongoing event. Every round can last indefinitely until the player makes a mistake and collides with an obstacle or gets caught by the grumpy Inspector and his dog.

The game has received regular updates since launch, and even now there are Daily Challenges and Weekly Hunts that reward players for making unique and risky maneuvers in maps. There used to be just one character—Jake—but the roster has expanded to over 60 different surfers unlocked by spending coins, using keys, buying them as in-game purchases, collecting specific items, or logging in with a Facebook account.

Most of these characters have multiple cosmetic outfits. In addition to characters and outfits, players can unlock hoverboards that protect the player from wiping out for a limited time. There are over 100 different hoverboard skins to unlock. These collectibles keep on growing, as every time Subway Surfers updates to a new world tour location, usually, new characters and hoverboards are released as well.


subway surfers features


Game Features

  • Grind trains with your cool crew! Subway Surfers takes place in and among metro rail themed maps that will have players dipping, diving, and dodging actual trains in order to avoid wiping out early.
  • Colorful and vivid HD graphics! Experience the game in full visual glory on any device you have. As a Universal App, Subway Surfer is guaranteed to look awesome whether you’re on a 4-inch phone, a 12-inch tablet, or even your big-screen TV.
  • Hoverboard Surfing! Surf in style with over a hundred different hoverboard styles that also protect you from falling for a short while.
  • Paint powered jetpack! This powerup allows you to fly through the map temporarily in a bedazzling display of multicolor madness.
  • Lightning-fast swipe acrobatics! Swipe left, right, up, and down to change lanes, jump, and slide your way through a level. The longer you last, the faster everything goes. How far can you make it before you have to bail?
  • Challenge and help your friends! Adding your friends in the game shows their scores in your leaderboards for some serious head-to-head competition, and playing more often grants coins to your friends as well. Share the love!

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